Covid-19 20/3/2020

So far today we’ve done a 2-hour walk through the park. Important leaves, flowers, and rocks were collected. Climbing on fallen trees and squelching in the mud. Currently, we are waiting for a piano teacher to FaceTime so piano lessons can continue. Piano not going well, someone who was playing...Read more

Corona 19 March 2020

Day 2 of serious homeschooling. The three of us went out for a nature scavenger hunt this morning, which ended up as a scavenger hunt in the local Coop grocery store. We’re meant to be cleaning out our pantry for the move, yet we seem to be adding ‘just in...Read more

Copycat Files : Cream of Xxx Soup

Hello! It is starting to get a little cold(er) here, and I find myself wanting some comfort food.  The thing about being an expat is, I find myself craving foods we rarely ate but associate with ‘home’.  Searching for easy dishes with ingredients easily found also can be problematic. Recently...Read more

Paris Weekend, Day One

While recently planning for our Crocus Break, my husband mentioned a business trip to Paris during the same time, and asked if we wanted to tag along. Yes, please!! We had been to Paris before, but of course not with a small child. We have been doing more walking and...Read more


Some lovely: baking birthday cakes for daddy, with LB directing the grocery shopping and recipe order. holding hands on the walk to school, hearing “hold my hand TIGHT, mama”. Watching the ducks swim in the just-melted water.Read more

World of LB

So LB seems to love taking pictures, and has a decent eye. For awhile, there has been a kids digital camera on her wishlist.  On our last packing purge before we left, we found our old Canon digital Powershot, and felt pretty dumb! We charged it up and she loves...Read more