Copycat Files : Cream of Xxx Soup

Hello! It is starting to get a little cold(er) here, and I find myself wanting some comfort food.¬† The thing about being an expat is, I find myself craving foods we rarely ate but associate with ‘home’.¬† Searching for easy dishes with ingredients easily found also can be problematic. Recently...Read more

Paris Weekend, Day One

While recently planning for our Crocus Break, my husband mentioned a business trip to Paris during the same time, and asked if we wanted to tag along. Yes, please!! We had been to Paris before, but of course not with a small child. We have been doing more walking and...Read more


Some lovely: baking birthday cakes for daddy, with LB directing the grocery shopping and recipe order. holding hands on the walk to school, hearing “hold my hand TIGHT, mama”. Watching the ducks swim in the just-melted water.Read more

Lunch date

On Wednesdays, Evie’s school gets out early. We were asked to lunch by some of the mom’s of LB’s classmates, at a pancake house in a park nearby. The server asked ‘English?’ before we had even said anything, we either had that look or we don’t remember speaking. Tried some...Read more


Our new Dutch adventure begins. This blog will start off more to document our life for friends and family. As I get more comfortable, maybe some tips for expats. ¬†Internet is spotty right now, since we don’t have our own yet. It takes around 2 weeks to set up, and...Read more