On our Day 2, we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel.  The plan for the day included a museum, walking, food, walking, looking, walking. Is it obvious we aren’t big schedulers??

Our first stop was the Musee en Herbe. I had read that it was a cute stop for kids, so why not try it out. It was a bit cold so we walked a bit, then Uber’d over.  Not starting the day off with a cold and cranky child is important! Once in, it was cute but very small. LB enjoyed what she saw and it thawed us out a little. She really enjoyed the ‘Hello my Game Is…’ exhibit. The volunteer there took some time and showed LB how to play and search for the Space Invader icons, and they had fun searching for them. I got in trouble for accidentally touching one of the Space Invader mosaics on the wall. Oops. We also enjoyed the classic arcade games set up in the museum.

I did not realize until we were dropped off how close we were to the Louvre. Obviously my map reading skills are lacking. We decided to walk over and through the grounds. Again, my husband and I had been, and didn’t feel like it was something to push this particular trip. LB ran around the cobblestones with Kitten, looked at the statues and asked questions about the buildings.

We started looking up the answers and learned some new things ourselves. She also enjoys climbing stairs 1000 times and jumping off knee-walls. Luckily for us the fountains weren’t working or she might have been in those as well. As we spotted the entrance to the Louvre, she spotted the Roue de Paris.  That gave us a plan for the next few hours.

One of my favorite things on our last visit was to walk through the Jardin des Tuileries. It was slightly warmer last time, but the sun was out and it was a pretty day. We also had the Roue de Paris as an incentive. There was plenty of space for LB to run around and be a kid, as there were not too many walkers out that day. We found empty lounge chairs a little way in and stopped to enjoy the atmosphere and just getting to hang out with each other. Since it was still chilly we kept on moving towards the Wheel.

There was a short line for the Roue de Paris, and then we were on. We had some really nice views of Paris and several turns of the wheel to take pictures.  LB was not daunted by the height at all, she loved it.

Now, it was time to defrost and have a snack.  Nearby on the Rue de Rivoli was Angelina’s hot chocolate, let’s go there! It was fairly busy, but the queue moved swiftly, and we were warm inside staring at the pastries.  Once we sat down and ordered, it more than made up for the wait. Several tables had yummy looking lunches on their tables, but that isn’t what we came here for. Hot chocolate, hot coffee, and delicious chocolate pastries. It might have been chocolate overload….nah. Glad we like to walk so much! LB will need to burn off that sugar high, luckily there is a playground right at the Jardin de Tuileries.  It is almost like mom planned ahead…..

We left and walked back up the Champs Elysees towards our hotel. We forgot to plan dinner, and by the time we thought about it, it was late, LB was hungry, WE were hungry, so we grabbed some burgers. Not very exciting, but at that point we were all happy and fed. Day 3 next!

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