Day Three was our first girls’ day, my husband had to actually work now.  Today is also the day the weather turned, and not necessarily for the better. It was cold and rainy in the morning, and it made for a perfect lazy day.

LB and I went down to breakfast in the hotel, at this point we couldn’t remember if breakfast was included in our rate or not. If not, I stashed some snacks for later since it wasn’t clear how much exploring my daughter and I would do today! We went back up to the room, and LB just wanted to watch French cartoons and relax.  That was most of the morning, it was pretty nice.

LB and I decided to find a souvenir shop and get lunch. Souvenir shop for an overpriced umbrella…LB decided on all black even though I admit to eyeing the bright purple with PARIS all over it. I mean, if you are going to buy an overpriced cheap tourist umbrella in a souvenir shop, go all out! Bought some plastic Paris trinkets as well, and started walking. Since it was near the Champs Elysees, walking and browsing were easy to do.  The side streets were fairly empty, which was good because a 5 year old and an umbrella take up a lot of space!

Singing in the rain

Since we were getting hungry, lunch was next.  We had walked by Pizza Vesuvio earlier during a downpour, and the woman talking to passers by was awesome. She saw me looking at their menu and immediately pointed out the kids’ menu. Then mentioned there was wine for mama, haha. Even though La Brioche Dorée was a hit with LB (she still regularly asks for ham and butter on bread) and casual, I decided to head back to Pizza Vesuvio.

It was raining again, but most of the fun of Paris cafés is people watching, isn’t it?? We found a dry table and chairs under the awning and heat lamps, with a view of the street and the Arc de Triomphe. Definitely not a bad spot to enjoy lunch.  Ordered, and apparently amazed my daughter because she exclaimed “Mama!! You just spoke FRENCH!”  Good to know all those years of school French enable me to say ‘Je voudrais’, and impress a 5 year old and offend a Parisian.

If you have children and need a good lunch spot near the Arc de Triomphe, Pizza Vesuvio is a good choice. Their children’s menu consisted of pizza or pasta et jambon, a drink, and ice cream for €9.50.  The pizza was a very generous size, and very tasty. I only peeked inside, but the interior looked cozy with larger tables than the bistro tables out front.  Several people came in to just get coffee and dessert, since it was around 2 pm, energy boost and a warm up!

After lunch we explored some more and found a grocery near our hotel. This is where exploring helps, as all the maps and guides and info we had stated there was only one grocery our vicinity, and by just turning right instead of straight, we found a different one.  My husband was back by now, so we grabbed different items to try out for dinner, and the next travel day.

Day Four was our last day, LB and I had the morning to spare while my B worked.  We went to explore one last time, and we ended up drenched, DRENCHED, in sideways heavy rain. The rain just laughed at our cheap umbrella, and all we could do was join in and jump in the muddy puddles. So, we looked great when it was time to meet B at the swanky hotel lobby where he was having his meetings.  We made it to the airport, and luckily LB was still under the weight limit after all those butter and ham sandwiches. Phew.

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