Day 2 of serious homeschooling. The three of us went out for a nature scavenger hunt this morning, which ended up as a scavenger hunt in the local Coop grocery store. We’re meant to be cleaning out our pantry for the move, yet we seem to be adding ‘just in case.’ We add shelf-stable supplies, but fresh is what we will use as long as we can. Since E is home from school it means 3 meals for 2 people, plus all the snacks kids seem to inhale. B is home as of today so now add a third person. On the way home, we noticed the Kruidvat had toilet paper so the two of you went home and I grabbed the allotted 2 packs each. There were only 4 packs left after me. It was 9:15 am.

We also walked by the new house, it didn’t look like any packing had been done. All of our moving help is backing out, but we will figure out a way to get it done. If the closing happens. Can the country wait for lockdown until 1 April?? Please? I know that is selfish, but it would just be so much less stressful. All of the items we need to be delivered now cannot be delivered beyond the front door, and I just can’t help carry anything. As you see my the 8 million tabs in the image above, my life is shopping for utility providers and air mattresses on Amazon. Thank goodness they arrived in the Netherlands a few weeks ago!

The afternoon turned into digital classroom, today I started with taal instead of rekening and it went so much better. The first lesson included 3 drawings and I think the creative outlet helped. We got through the whole day, and now at 15:30 you are watching YouTube videos. Today was B’s first full day working from home, and E is having a hard time with it, you want him to be out playing Life with you.

I’m so anxious. For my own health, but mostly for how this will affect you and your future. You have no idea beyond that coronavirus is a ‘strong germ’ and that it is like when Mommy went into the hospital. Of course, school being closed is fun right now. You are still looking forward to moving houses even though until recently my only worry was how you were handling being uprooted again. Note, it wasn’t very well. Now I am trying to talk up things that could change every 24 hours yet keep some stability and structure in your life.

The trendy term of the moment for parents is distance learning. Not only trying to keep up with your school curriculum when it’s out of my comfort zone but add it in a language that I am barely an A2 level in. I’m worried about you losing the language you have worked so hard to attain. We are keeping up the family Het Klokhuis and Jeugdjournaal viewing, but is it enough?

B seems to be done for the day, so going to play the game of Life promised and double-pinky-promised to.

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