So far today we’ve done a 2-hour walk through the park. Important leaves, flowers, and rocks were collected. Climbing on fallen trees and squelching in the mud. Currently, we are waiting for a piano teacher to FaceTime so piano lessons can continue. Piano not going well, someone who was playing everything well 20 minutes ago is acting like they can’t find a chord and hiding in rooms. It is a change in routine and not well received.

Distance learning will change to have some online classroom time (yay!) and hardcopy packets to pick up from the teacher starting Monday. We will get appointments to come in and were reminded to stay at least 1,5 m apart.

Air mattress is ordered to be proactive, and the vacuum cleaner we wanted as it was a one day promo on amazon for half off. Have to be positive about the move! The notaris emailed yesterday confirming the amount and time. If we get to move it will be nice to have our own outdoor space during this.

Prime Minister Rutte announced an unscheduled press conference. He was just informing the press about the new Minister of Health appointee, as the other one collapsed. He’s not taking aby coronavirus questions and is getting quite annoyed at the press corps. The appointee is not part of the coalition government so he’s also getting annoyed because he says it’s time just for the ‘right person for the job’.

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