Today is Saturday, and the parks are going to be too full of people to have enough distance on the paths. It didn’t matter because E said she didn’t feel well and stayed in bed until noon. Once she woke up she was fine, think it was the usual decompress day after a long week of school. This was a tough week for all of us.

We spent the day trying to pack some more things and clean up what we could. Since supplies are low, especially cleaning ones, we will not get to clean this apartment for handover as we planned. B moved most of the packed boxes into the hallway and E’s room is pretty much done. I ended up taking a nap because I keep hitting that wall around 3-4 pm. My anxiety is pretty heavy so every day is a 5 am wakeup, and after walking in circles for 20 minutes B suggested I do one of my fysio workouts. The gym I go to has an app that I can create a program and then follow along to keep pace.

People were out in force at the beaches and forests I heard. It was quiet here, but since the weather was so nice more and more people were out walking and going to the shops in the afternoon. It seems such a shame that the weather finally turned and we are inside.

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