It is the latest model. Love the color. Without a car, we will be walking or taking the tram to get groceries or shopping. We both started wearing backpacks, which fit a good amount, and started a collection of reusable bags. Bags aren’t complimentary unless you spend a certain amount, and with a little one, having hands free or not lugging bags around while walking is a must. The plan is to do most of my errands while Little Bit (LB) is in school, we shall see how that really works.

Most of the first week I was able to make do with my backpack and a tote bag. Usually LB and I just walked around the local shops and picked up a few things. There is a small co-op nearby with most things, but the portions are smaller and the prices a bit higher. The larger grocery store is a few tram stops away, or a fair walk. On our second weekly grocery trip into ‘town’, we decided to forego the cart, and walk. Yes. Not good planning.

LB is getting used to walking longer distances, but this was about the end of her tether.  She also insisted on wearing new shoes, which apparently are slightly big and caused her to shuffle her feet. Bottles of wine were quickly added to the shopping list for both parents. She fell asleep in the grocery cart, which is notable mostly because she doesn’t nap.  Also notable, because we still had to get back home.

Two large totes and two filled backpacks later, we all started the walk home. Remember the feet shuffling? That caused two trip and falls and two tired meltdowns. We are near the end of the line for the tram line stops, so often if no one presses the stop button, the tram won’t stop. When you are 10 steps away from a tram station in the dark, in a quiet part of town, it is going to keep going. Luckily we really were only 2 stops away from home, because all you could do at that point is laugh, keep walking, and think about the wine in your backpack.





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