On Wednesdays, Evie’s school gets out early. We were asked to lunch by some of the mom’s of LB’s classmates, at a pancake house in a park nearby. The server asked ‘English?’ before we had even said anything, we either had that look or we don’t remember speaking. Tried some pannenkoeken met speck and Chocomel hot met slagroom for myself. LB had the kinderpannenkoeken naturel, all she wants is some form of syrup, and of course Chocomel fristi.

There was a nice kids play area in the corner, so we chatted and watched the girls play. There was a little power struggle going on when a little boy grabbed a prize ride-on toy, but they seemed to work it out somehow, the little boy had no chance with those girls. The girls were also able to get some time together outside of class to try and build a friendship. Watched the horses in the pasture nearby and on the other side was the lake, Bergse Voorplaas. Looks like in the summer there are rental boats you can take out.People were out walking their dogs, dogs run all over the park off-leash playing and catching sticks.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, especially when the weather turned pretty nasty. The winds were even make the horses step sideways, and the rain appear sideways. The girls had a great time walking home and jumping in muddy puddles.

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