It was a little cold the last few days. Talking to a lady at the bakery (room broodje how I love you!!), Rotterdammers think it is colder than usual as well. Lucky us!!

This is the singel near our flat. It is like a canal, but it ends on either side, and fairly shallow. Not a pond, or lake, or canal, it is a singel. Usually we have our ducks.

Since it is shallow, it doesn’t take too long to freeze. Last night there was a dusting of snow, which covered the ice. The ducks move over to a bigger singel each time this happens, the willow over there keeps some water flowing.

The ducks walk all over the ice, which still makes me smile. I saw it listed on several expat blogs as a favorite thing here in the Netherlands. With the snow on the ice you see lots of duck tracks, who knew.

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