Morning walk

It was a little cold the last few days. Talking to a lady at the bakery (room broodje how I love you!!), Rotterdammers think it is colder than usual as well. Lucky us!! This is the singel near our flat. It is like a canal, but it ends on either...Read more

Lunch date

On Wednesdays, Evie’s school gets out early. We were asked to lunch by some of the mom’s of LB’s classmates, at a pancake house in a park nearby. The server asked ‘English?’ before we had even said anything, we either had that look or we don’t remember speaking. Tried some...Read more

New wheels

    It is the latest model. Love the color. Without a car, we will be walking or taking the tram to get groceries or shopping. We both started wearing backpacks, which fit a good amount, and started a collection of reusable bags. Bags aren’t complimentary unless you spend a...Read more


Our new Dutch adventure begins. This blog will start off more to document our life for friends and family. As I get more comfortable, maybe some tips for expats. ¬†Internet is spotty right now, since we don’t have our own yet. It takes around 2 weeks to set up, and...Read more